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  • All the students should possess School Diary, which should be brought to school in routine. Parents are requested to go through it daily.
  • No Child is permitted to leave the school premises without permission of Principal, which will be granted only in case of emergency to enforce discipline and for security reasons.
  • School & Government authorities do not permit the students to commute by Motor Bikes; hence their vehicle will be confiscated if they disobey the orders.
  • Punctuality and regularity being the child mark of the school. The parents are advised to see that their child is regular to the school and reaches well in time.
  • The students are requested to procure their school uniform from the authorized uniform outlet in town mentioned by the school authority, to ensure color and pattern similarity.
  • Fancy shoes are in Vogue these days and it has even crept in the school premises. The students should adhere to wearing only the black shoes of the prescribed pattern by the school.
  • The students must retain from wearing gold ornaments and other trinkets. In case students found wearing any ornaments (except ear rings for girls only) the same will be confiscated.
  • The parents are apprised of the performance of their child from time to time. The weak students would be detained if they do not come up to the expectations of the school. Detained students will not be issued a promoted Transfer Certificate.

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